Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Communicative and Adaptive Team Building for Teens

Handling cases of divorce, civil litigation, and personal injury, William “Bill” Arata represents clients throughout the Bogalusa, Louisiana, community. Since his father passed away from cancer in 2007, Bill Arata has maintained a strong commitment to furthering education among youth through activities that build group capacities; he believes that one of the core benefits of such activities is in providing a sense of group togetherness, which instills a greater capacity to stay focused and positive during times of stress.

A key focus of team building for teens involves getting beyond the “I” that tends to be a core focus in academic pursuits. Instead, participants become attuned to working with and helping others. They develop effective communicative skills through the multifaceted problem solving required in reaching goals.

Among the basic types of team building activities are those that emphasize communication, from message relay games such as “telephone” to the “human knot,” which requires close coordination to untangle limbs.

There are also adaptability activities that require an evolving approach as challenges progress. An example of this is the egg catapult activity, which requires groups to plan and design progressively better means of protecting eggs launched from a height.                            

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