Monday, June 27, 2016

Preparing Your Garden for the Fall in Louisiana

Licensed to practice law in Louisiana, William (Bill) Arata has been counseling clients at the Arata Law Offices in Bogalusa for more than 20 years. Outside of work, Bill Arata enjoys gardening.

Consider these tips when preparing your Louisiana garden to thrive in the fall.

-Prune in August. Everblooming roses, also known as repeat blooming roses, include floribundas, hybrid tea roses, and grandifloras, among other varieties. This type of flower blossoms well from October through early December if you prune them back to a third of their height during August. You may still be able to achieve outstanding blooms if pruning is completed by early September.

-Avoid fertilizing with nitrogen. Check for nitrogen before fertilizing landscape plants in September. Fertilizers containing nitrogen can impede hardy growth in shrubs and ground covering as well as trees and lawns. Prolong your plants’ lives through the fall and winter by checking fertilizer labels for nutrient information.

- Select the right edibles. If you have an edible garden, you can start planting broccoli and cauliflower seeds in September. Opt for transplants when planting these in October. The same rule applies to Brussels sprouts. Plants that can start from seeds through October include Chinese cabbage and mustard greens.

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